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Fill Your Home With Art: Curated Collection #1 Inspired by Summer


I hope this blog introduces you to new sources of artwork and artists for your own home. If I had unlimited wall space and unlimited income, I would spend much of my time supporting artists by purchasing their work. There is more artwork I want to collect than I feasibly ever can! To help fulfill this desire, I’ve decided to start this blog where I will curate different collections of art. And since my additional dream would be to have a library, I’m going to include a book recommendation to go with each curated collection.

My mission for 2018: helping you find original art for your home

Here we go. 


Collection #1:  Inspired by Summer

I recently responded to a friend’s instagram story request of what can I hang over this couch? My recommendation was a series of large-scale photographs or artworks, the same dimension, inspired by this post by Orlando Soria. Her preference for a bright, light color palette and my knowledge of her love for Hawaii sent me searching for artwork to recommend. The fact that Long Island is expecting more snow helped as well to fuel this particular desire for bright, summer inspired art. 

Here’s what I found on my quest.

While the works below are not necessarily large-scale, many of them are available in different print sizes. When you click each image, it will automatically bring you to that artist's site. I've tried to include a variety of prices within this collection.

1. A duo of subdued, serene prints of Maui. These are available in sizes up to  24 x 36 inches at www.loftcreative.co

2. The online print shop Paigeboyprints, which features a series of prints by Paige Kershaw. I love the print Beach  Cottage and could imagine sitting barefoot on that front porch.

3.  In my online shop I have prints of my painting Full Moon Storm, inspired by a visit to Lido West on Long Island when the water nearly completely covered the sand. 

4. The paintings of artist Brenda Cablayan, whose work makes me yearn for sunny days and warm breezes.

5. The crowded beach scenes of Kristen Brookshire, in particular her Bondi Beach in Pink print.

6. Any of the Blue Skies series by Carolina Della Valle. Aside from her lush brushmarks, I love that the proceeds of her sales will benefit victims of natural disaster.  Via her website, “ Donations will be made to Para La Naturaleza.  In addition to their direct community relief efforts surrounding their 60 nature reserves throughout Puerto Rico, Para la Naturaleza focuses on sustainable agricultural efforts, reforestation and restoration of Puerto Rico's natural habitats.

7.The gestural marks of lines and colors of Sarah Delaney’s paintings. I've linked to her general site which you need to keep an eye on, she only releases a few works on her site for sale. 

8. The precise greenery of Living Pattern’s prints. I’d like to pair their Monstera print with a Jungle Peach Begonia print.

9. Lauren Packard via Minted or her website. Abstract color prints that explore the elements of nature, and a series drawn from memories of summers in the Northeast. What's great about ordering through Minted is that you can just to have the print made in a variety of sizes, and there are framing options available as well. 

Curated Collection #1 Book Recommendation:

Moloka'i by Alan Brennert


This is one of my favorite works of historical fiction, I've been recommending it to people for years. It follows the story of a young woman named Rachel and her experiences growing up in Hawai'i, in particular the leprosy settlement on Moloka'i. 

What theme or inspiration should I curate the next collection around?